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Uplift and encourage inner peace and clarity with Elevate Mineral Soak.

Enriched with Epsom Salts, Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Salt to soothe aching muscles. Coconut and essential oils to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Pour a generous handful into warm running water, fill tub to desired level and soak for at least 20 minutes.

Relax. Meditate. Reflect. Feel Centered.

Key Ingredients:

Epsom Salt

Pink Himalayan Salts

Lavender Organic Essential Oil 

Bergamot Organic Essential Oil 

Jasmine Flowers 

Geranium Essential Oil

Calendula Petals 

Lavender Flower Heads

Coconut Oil 

Please note: Color may vary from batch to batch as we work with only natural ingredients. This is completely normal and does not change the product formula at all. Mild clumping may occur and is normal, as we do not add any synthetic or unnecessary ingredients to stop this natural formation from happen. Clumps will break up in your hand when you active with water.

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