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Our Story

To be still is a skill and one that is greater achieved when assisting to the senses.

Family life, work place and society’s pace introduced me to anxiety.
In a state of anxiety, when you tune into your physical being, you notice everything around you with such intensity.

Everything is louder including the beat of your heart, the sweat from your pores feels as though it could drown you and if you could close your eyes for just a moment to adjust your view to see things clearly maybe it would ease the panic.

I felt these things daily.  More than several times in my day and all I wanted was peace.

Being at home, I begun to create my haven; candles for mood lighting, essential oils for relaxation and soft sounds for meditation..

Overtime I began to explore and experiment as I have a number of sensitivities and would often have an unidentified trigger resulting in hives or swelling but I knew I needed certain aids to help me manage my anxiety and so I sought to create my own products. 
Authentic ingredients that put me at ease so I could be authentically me.